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The European Background
The background paper represents the starting point of the project. Drafted in Spring 2019, it outlines the pre-Covid existing context and the main challenges of to effective access to adequate social protection and pensions in a European perspective. It brings together several dimensions, including the European pension policy context, including the macroeconomic outlook, and the role of social partners. 

Background paper (EN – FR – DE – ES – IT – PL)

EU focuses

While national trade unions provided focused replies to a survey, aimed at picturing the reality from a social point of view, inputs were also provided by the ETUC’s Women’s  Committe, the Youth Committee, the European Federation of retirees and elderly people FERPA and a sectoral trade union federation, IndustriAll.

  • FERPA (EN)
  • ETUC Women’s Committee (EN)
  • ETUC Youth Committee (EN)
  • IndustriAll

The EU-Level Conclusions

The EU-L

The EU-Level Report is the final stage in the ETUC SociAll Project, in support of trade union objectives in the field of social protection, including the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights.
Based on information in the National Reports for the 12 countries in the Project, it takes stock of challenges reported in achieving formal and effective coverage and pensions adequacy, and indicates possible elements in a programme to address these challenges.

EU-level Report: Pensions Policy at the European Level (EN – DE – ES – FR – IT – PL)